"I have had often severe back pain since a car accident 12 years ago, and have tried many different modalities to alleviate the pain and correct the problem. Since working with Dr. Cheun I am almost completely pain free, and on the days when I do have back / neck pain it is significantly reduced. Dr. Cheun’s techniques are gentler than other Chiropractic Doctors I’ve been to, and due to his use of the IFC pads in addition to adjustments, his techniques are more effective and longer lasting. As an Energy / Reiki Healer, I appreciate the personal interest Dr. Cheun took in my health and I would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing any kind of physical discomfort or simply looking to be proactive in caring for their bodies. Thanks Dr. Cheun!"


"My name is Brad. I install ceramic and stone tiles as my occupation and this trade is hard on various body parts. When I 1st came in to see Dr. Cheun my back was in bad shape. I could hardly drive or bend over and my sciatic nerve was pinched giving me severe pain down the back of my leg. The worse part of it all was that I could not play with my 3 year old son. I put my faith in Dr. Cheun he told me he could make me all better. Just to be patient don't rush the recovery and I would be OK. Now I feel great most of the time. My Body tells me when its time to come in for an adjustment and I've learned to listen to it. Thank you Dr. Cheun for giving me my mobility back."


"Thank you so very much for all of your generosity! I feel so blessed to have a chiropractor who cares so much about his patients!"


"Your act of kindness has impacted us deeply, confirming further our impression of you – a sincere, caring and brilliant man devoted to a genuine purpose and calling. Thank you."


"When I started going to C&C Chiropractic Clinic, it was because I had been in a car accident and had messed up my back. I knew I had to see a chiropractor, but I was nervous. I'd never been to one and my ignorance of the practice left me pretty skeptical. However, I felt I had no choice. I didn't trust chiropractors and I didn't know who to go to, so I picked the closest one which had the best references. Little did I know that within the first fifteen minutes, Dr. Cheun would completely set me at ease and instill in me trust and appreciation for his work. He answered all my questions and never made me feel like any question about his work was too little, too insignificant or too annoying. Sometimes I would ask the same questions over again on each new visit because it was all so new to me and Dr. Cheun always answered with the same patience and depth every time. After having Dr. Cheun adjust my back and spine, I feel completely back to normal--and then some! He even worked on a back issue I'd had for years that I never knew could be helped!
I recommend that if anyone is looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Cheun is the best!"


"My name is Anna Catherine, and I am a fifth grade teacher. On Easter Sunday, 2006, my husband and I were rear ended; and as strange as it sounds, I couldn’t be happier that it happened. That is how I was introduced to Dr. Cheun, and the family at C & C Chiropractic. We first came in because my husband was having pain in his neck and upper back. While watching Dr. Cheun do my husband’s report of findings, I realized that I needed care also. Dr. Cheun was extremely knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I immediately got myself scheduled, and began my treatment. I started on a treatment plan and began to really enjoy taking care of myself. (I prefer the zap and crack; my own personal code). After about two months of treatment, I felt better than ever. Now, I can always tell when it is time for me to get adjusted, and I try to make it in at least once a month. It is so easy to get treated since the service at C & C is always outstanding. I have never had to wait more than two minutes, and everyone knows me by name."

Thank you Dr. Cheun!
Anna Catherine

"Dr. Cheun is an excellent chiropractor. The treatments I received after my auto accident felt so good! I feel without the treatments I would have suffered a lot more pain and stiffness. I highly recommend him!"


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